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Forest of Veils

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The Forest of Veils is a vast and dense deciduous woodland in the south-east of Ustalav shared nearly equally between the two counties of Varno and Versex creating an autumnal display of note each year.[1][2]

Scope of the Forest

The forest's southern edge acts as the border between Ustalav and the nation of Razmiran; its western edge is defined by Avalon Bay; to its north are Lantern Lake and the Lake Redleaf; to the east are Castle Corvischior and the three lakes: Lake Korsinoria, Lake Eirio and Drakeye. Within the forest flow both the Nicklecross River and the Destach River.[1] The south-western part of the forest, around the town of Illmarsh, becomes marshy and is known as Soddentimbers.[3]

Features of the Forest

The trees of the forest are mainly cypress, laurel, and alder often of great height. Animals found in the forest include bats, wolves, bears and cougars.[2]

Unconfirmed reports and eye-witnesses suggest a grave hydra called Yargouth the Ebon Fury resides in the Varno side of the Forest of Veils in a sinkhole to the west of the county.[4]

Within the forest may be found ancient stone circles and henges dating to the time of the Kellids in Ustalav.[5]