Forest of Veils

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The Forest of Veils is a vast and dense deciduous woodland in the south-east of Ustalav shared nearly equally between the two counties of Varno and Versex creating an autumnal display of note each year.12

Scope of the Forest

The forest's southern edge acts as the border between Ustalav and the nation of Razmiran; its western edge is defined by Avalon Bay; to its north are Lantern Lake and the Lake Redleaf; to the east are Castle Corvischior and the three lakes: Lake Korsinoria, Lake Eirio and Drakeye. Within the forest flow both the Nicklecross River and the Destach River.1 The south-western part of the forest, around the town of Illmarsh, becomes marshy and is known as Soddentimbers.3

Features of the Forest

The trees of the forest are mainly cypress, laurel, and alder often of great height. Animals found in the forest include bats, wolves, bears and cougars.2

Unconfirmed reports and eye-witnesses suggest a grave hydra called Yargouth the Ebon Fury resides in the Varno side of the Forest of Veils in a sinkhole to the west of the county.4

Within the forest may be found ancient stone circles and henges dating to the time of the Kellids in Ustalav.5