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Marian Leigh

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Marian Leigh
Nation Ustalav
Region Canterwall
Size Town
Demographics 10 female: 1 male
Ruler Lady Urora Demerrval

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 141

Marian Leigh is a settlement in the southern portion of Ustalav's Canterwall county, close to Virlych's dangerous Hungry Mountains and on the northern banks of the Orphield River.[1][2] Despite the proximity to such inherent evil, the town is one of the most pleasant in Ustalav and boasts a female to male ratio of ten to one. The town is centred on the garden estate of Lady Urora Demerrval and incorporates many greenhouses and gardens. The only suspicion overhanging the town is the disturbing and unexplained disappearances of some of the male visitors to the community.[3]