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Nation Ustalav
Region Varno
Size Small town
Population 486

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 190

Corvischior, sometimes spelt Corvischoir, is located in the south of the Ustalavic county of Varno.[1] The town is now a shadow of its former self, the derelict county capital, and sits across the water from the equally forlorn Castle Corvischior, once the residence of the noble Tiriac family. Though still technically subject to the absentee Lord Ristomaur Tiriac, it has sat fallow for decades, though rumours speak of strange lights and unnerving shadows up at the castle. The most pessimistic residents whisper that Castle Corvischior, once known as Korsinoria Palace, is cursed, and whatever fell hex hangs over the castle has now settled over Corvischior as well.[2]