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The south-western part of the Forest of Veils, around the town of Illmarsh in south-eastern Versex, Ustalav, becomes marshy and difficult for travel: this swampy woodland region is known as Soddentimbers.[1]


The beautiful, deciduous trees of the Forest of Veils come down into the marshland called the Soddentimbers where the ground pools water and becomes very soft. Nevertheless, some large trees and pines can tolerate this change in ground conditions but they are infested with fungi and mosses. The Destach River runs through the marshland, and is fast and deep here; its regular flooding of the Soddentimbers leaving copses of dead trees in many places.[2][3] Within the swamp may be found many rare plants.[4] Also, within the marsh, are found ancient stone circles and henges dating to the time of the Kellids in Ustalav.[5]


The marsh is infamous for its mouldy smell, which lingers on folk who have passed through the marsh or resided in Illmarsh and infects the fabric of the buildings in the town.[6] People living in Thrushmoor pejoratively label Illmarshers as 'musties' because of the smell. Worse than the smell are the diseases that, on occasion, spread from the foetid pools in the Soddentimbers, which eventually led to the town of Baytown being renamed as Illmarsh.[3]

The Soddentimbers are home to marsh giants; a degenerate form of giant.[7]