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Detstach River

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The Detstach River,[1] sometimes spelt Destach River,[2][3][4] rises in Lantern Lake in the Ustalavic county of Versex and runs south-east into the Forest of Veils where, about 40 miles later, it meets the Nicklecross River in the middle of that forest. Shortly after this confluence, the river turns through a long bend within the Forest of Veils to flow west, eventually flowing through the marsh known as Soddentimbers. Finally, the Detstach enters the north-east of Avalon Bay just south of the small town of Illmarsh.[2][5] From its source, the Detstach River is some 120 miles long.[2]

For about a quarter of its length, the Detstach River forms the border between Versex and Varno.[2]

The river is quite treacherous and known to run fast and deep.[6]