Chateau Douleurs

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Chateau Douleurs

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 190

Chateau Douleurs is home to the Caliphvaso family and is located in the north of the Ustalavic county of Caliphas.1

Located on the eastern shore of Lake Raiteso, Chateau Douleurs boasts a paradise of labyrinthine gardens, statue-guarded pavilions, strange menageries, and luxurious retreats. The palace also contains the accumulated art, treasures, and decadences of the Caliphvaso clan. Yet few ever look upon the estate grounds or are permitted into the palace's interior, as a legion of deadly family guards defend the grounds with lethal efficiency. Such extreme measures to ensure privacy has spawned countless rumors of orgies, murderous hunts and various sordid family secrets.2

The halls of the chateau are haunted are haunted by the ghost of Ralagen Caliphvaso.3


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