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Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 16

Grayce is an Ustalavic settlement in the south-west of the county of Caliphas with the border of Lastwall, the Path River, a mere stone's throw away.1 This proximity means the town is a bridge to Lastwall with the Chapel Bridge, a drawbridge that can span the Path, literally fulfilling this role. From the southern end of the bridge, roads lead to Vigil, north-west of Grayce, and to Vellumis to the south.2

The townsfolk are predominately farmers, shepherds, and weavers.2


The people of Grayce are very devout and worship a narrow pantheon of mainly goddesses: especially Iomedae, Pharasma, and the empyreal lord Andoletta.3 The vitally important Chapel Bridge is so named as it is built through an ancient shrine to Pharasma.2


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