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Graidmere Swamp

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Graidmere Swamp lies to the north-east of Lake Prophyria, in the far north-east of Ustalav, in the county of Sinaria. It is a large swamp: covering nearly four hundred square miles.[1]


The Graidmere Swamp is a rank, mosquito-infested place of strange magic, gnarled trees, monuments entwined in vines, and the outcast and solitary among intelligent creatures. It is a constant of strangeness for the people of Karcau and its surrounding county and thus shunned by most in the surrounding civilized regions.[2]


It is home to a variety of misfits and swamp creatures:[2]

  • xenophobic human communities variously called 'swampers', 'leechfolk', or 'swampfolk'. They are generally a cross-breed of marsh-dwelling Kellids and Varisians;[3]
  • criminals on the run;
  • followers of esoteric magic;
  • insane followers of the Old Cults who see the Graidmere as a place where communication with their alien masters is made easier;[4]
  • Swamp creatures such as: swamp pigs, sharp-eared vine cats, marsh snakes, giant bats, fungal crawlers, and gloomwings; these creatures are known to plague the surrounding farms.

Places of Note

In the heart of the Graidmere, is an area of ground called Baallalota where daughters of the swamp dance on the night of the vernal equinox.[2]