Ganderhal's Lair

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Ganderhal's Lair is an underground vault on the Chelaxian side of the Menador Mountains, where the mountains form the border between Cheliax and Nidal. The lair is north of the Doracium River and south of the Nidalese settlement of Ridwan.123


The lair's namesake, Ganderhal, was a powerful aristocratic shadowcaster in centuries past. He and his rival Zonotha were both trained at Nidal's Dusk Hall and founded lairs in the Menador Mountains for their experiments with shadow magic and immortality through undeath and lichdom.4

Zonotha achieved lichdom first and killed Ganderhal before he could complete his ritual. The wizard instead rose as a shadow to seek his revenge, and refashioned his lair into a labyrinthine trap filled with undead creations while compiling an extensive library of information on liches. Nearby worshipers of Iomedae and Sarenrae in Andoran grow increasingly concerned about Ganderhal's power.4


Paizo published an article on Ganderhal's Lair in Cheliax, The Infernal Empire.