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Tribal elders
Source: Nightglass, pg(s). 273ff'

Windspire is an independent roost of the Windspire tribe of strix in Devil's Perch, within the borders of the Chelish Archduchy of Hellcoast.12


Made of stone and bone, Windspire's carefully crafted, elevated nests serve as a permanent roost and base of operations for the avian strix. It lies north of Crackspike and is inaccessible from the ground; visitors can only reach Windspire via flight or magical teleportation.12


The Windspire strix faced potential annihilation at the hands of Cheliax after conflicts over a silver lode discovery near Crackspike led to Chelish military escalation. The strix defeated the Chelish twice between 4710 AR and 4712 AR, but with heavy losses on both sides; nonetheless, Cheliax struck a 100-year truce that limited human presence in strix lands, including prohibitions against encroachment into Tokarai Springs and strix hunting grounds.3


As do most strix, elders of two Windspire's ruling classes—the warrior itaraak and sage rokoa—decide the tribe's course.1

After losses from battles with Cheliax over Sorvus's Strike and Tokarai Springs, the Windspire tribe's new rokoa Kirii inherited leadership over Windspire's remaining strix from her mother. Her controversial truce with Cheliax put the Windspire tribe at odds with the larger strix settlement of Ciricskree, which views humans as relatively insignificant creatures who are morally safe to kill and eat.32


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