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Large town
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 56

The Chelish settlement of Dekarium rests on the northeastern bank of Lake Sorrow near the mouth of the Tomarsulk River. Across Lake Sorrow lies Cheliax's capital, Egorian,2 while the Barrowood begins just west of the city.13 The city is renowned for its highly skilled fishermen and abundant fey-blooded sorcerers. Local legend tells that the townsfolk of Dekarium are descended from nereids.1 A druid patrols the land between the town and the forest, mounted on a griffon named Ironwing Kazi, seeking out evildoers and those wishing to make sacrifices to their diabolic masters in the Barrowood.4 Much of the village secretly worships Gozreh, including its mayor Lalita Jireen, who manages the town's image and tithes to House Thrune.1


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