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Large town
Source: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, pg(s). 23

Halmyris is a settlement in the Halikarnassos Hills of southern Cheliax, just north of the Cliffs of Fury and located at the eastern end of the Archduchy of Longmarch.12


Several minor nobles opposed to House Thrune lived in Halmyris during the Chelish Civil War, and Queen Abrogail Thrune I allowed the town to choose between annihilation and rule under a military warden after her ascension in 4640 AR. Despite the undercurrent of unrest against martial rule, it led to Halmyris becoming one of Cheliax's more peaceful and prosperous settlements.3


Admiral Enfaria Weltrax, who retired from the Chelish Navy after a prestigious career, rules Halmyris as its lord-mayor and warden with an efficient but cold hand. Despite her success, she seeks a transfer from Halmyris or release from her duties as she has little taste for the bureaucracy they entail. Dissenters also want Admiral Weltrax out, though she dismisses the more violent rumors suggesting they would attempt to assassinate her.3


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