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Large city
Source: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, pg(s). 27-28

The Chelaxian port city of Macini, located on northern shores of the Inner Sea in the Archduchy of Longmarch, is located about halfway between the settlements of Hinji and the Corentyn.12 It is best known for its prestigious Law Court, to the point that people of Cheliax's southern coast refer to any fair, well-reasoned person as being "sharp as a Macinian magistrate".2


The Law Court, and Macini's reputation for legal precision, date back to a property dispute several centuries in the past. The city's magistrates found a fair settlement for all parties in a dispute over two families' ships wrecking in the harbor and depositing their goods on a third family's land.

The city also boasted a prominent temple to Abadar, the Hall of the Lawgiver, in pre-diabolic Cheliax, and many of its residents continue to venerate Abadar in smaller shrines. The since-diminished Hall is now used as a temple to Asmodeus, and while several of its white-wigged magistrates still worship Abadar, all of them are renowned experts of the Asmodean Disciplines and rational arbitrators who resist the more selfish tendencies of judges elsewhere in Cheliax.2

Veiled masters

About 300 years ago, adventurers discovered a veiled master had assumed several identities and controlled the city's economy since its founding. The investigating adventurers also uncovered suggestions that other veiled masters performed similar roles throughout the Inner Sea region, but these other creatures subsequently disappeared.2


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