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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Nightglass
Nation Cheliax
Region Devil's Perch, Archduchy of Hellcoast
Size Town
Government Autocratic noble
Ruler Provisional Governor Parsellon Alterras

Source: Nightglass, pg(s). 161ff

Blackridge is the young capital of the Chelish region of Devil's Perch, within the Archduchy of Hellcoast.[1]


Blackridge is nestled in the Menador Mountains of western Cheliax, southeast of Pezzack and south of Citadel Enferac.[2]


The town[3] and province are both led by Parsellon Alterras, the provisional governor of Devil's Perch. Blackridge's militia is small and ineffectual, and its governor relies on Hellknights of Citadel Enferac for defense and assistance.[1]


Blackridge was founded around 4700 AR to help Cheliax exploit potential mineral deposits in the Menador Mountains. The discovery of a silver lode near Crackspike around 4711 AR led to an extended and bloody conflict with native strix of Windspire.[1]

The conflict was resolved by a treaty that grants Cheliax the privilege to mine silver for 100 years and 1 day, or until at least 4811 AR, as long as miners avoid encroaching on strix hunting grounds or Tokarai Springs.[4][5] Provisional Governor Alterras was one of four parties to sign the treaty, along with Paralictor Adarai of the Order of the Gate, Velenne of the Chelish military, and Kirii of the Windspire tribe of strix.[4]