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Nation Cheliax
Region Archduchy of the Heartlands, Archduchy of Hellcoast
Size Large town
Population 4,200
Ruler Paraduke Marcellus Thurivan

Source: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, pg(s). 12

Belde is a town in western Cheliax situated on the banks on the Maiestas River,[1] between the Menador Mountains and the Barrowood.[2] Despite being geographically located in the Archduchy of the Heartlands, it serves as capital of the rebellious Archduchy of Hellcoast.[3]


Sandwiched between the eastern banks of the Maiestas River and the southwestern Barrowood in the Heartlands' far western reaches, Belde is isolated from much of Cheliax.[4] The Menador Mountains dominate the region west of the river. Egorian, the capital of Cheliax, is about 210 miles due east of the town.[5]


Belde is ruled by House Thrune-appointed Paraduke Marcellus Thurivan, who nominally oversees the goings-on in all of the Archduchy of Hellcoast.[6][3][4] Thurivan is charged with reclaiming Hellcoast from rebels in Pezzack, the archduchy's former capital which has been in open rebellion since 4710 AR, as well as the violent, insurrectionist strix of Devil's Perch.[3]

Thurivan, who replaced the previous ruler of Hellcoast after Pezzack fell to rebellion, is himself embattled. The residents of Belde view him as little more than a crony of Thrune and openly ignore his laws and tax collectors. Rumors suggest that he is planning on exterminating dissenters instead of more strategic reactions, as House Thrune might punish him if he is unable to restore its rule over western Cheliax.[4]