Scar Thicket

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Scar Thicket is a forbidding overgrown area deep in the Whisperwood of Cheliax, tucked between the flows of the Doracium, Malvesa, and Iseld rivers.1 Infrequently visited because of its evil reputation, this area remains a primal woodland and frequently features in hushed conversations and outlandish stories. Everything from monstrous insects, deformed beasts, and even enormous flying creatures are rumored to emerge from its depths.


In reality, the central area is home to great quantities of russet mold that are cultivated and managed by a large tribe of surface-dwelling vegepygmies. The entire Scar Thicket contains dozens of small caves that wind deeply into the earth and connect to the Midnight Jungle in Nar-Voth.234

The Scar Thicket is also home to cave giants who launch raids from their lairs here. The Order of the Pike is particularly skilled at hunting these giants.5