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Taggun Hold

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Taggun Hold
Nation Cheliax
Region Archduchy of Menador
Size Small city
Population 6,780
Ruler Mayor Indra Taggun

Source: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, pg(s). 38

The Chelish settlement of Taggun Hold is located in the Menador Mountains near the Nidalese border.[1]


The town was founded by dwarves hundreds of years ago, and dwarven trappers and miners continue to dominate its population. It was named for the town's defense under former mayor Eliazar Taggun in 4502 AR, when its inhabitants fended off an orc assault by retreating to nearby caves and waging a guerrilla counteroffensive, then rebuilt the city with heavily defensible stone buildings.[2]


Mayor Indra Taggun runs the town.[2]


Mining—particularly of silver—and trapping dominate the town's legal economy, though the extensive tunnels and secret mountain trails that surround it facilitate an extensive, lucrative smuggling operation with nearby Nidal.[2]


Taggun Hold is near Saint Ilnea's Fountain, a sacred site to followers of Iomedae and named for the goddess's first saint.[3]