Zarta Dralneen

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Zarta Dralneen
Zarta Dralneen.

Head Archivist; Paracountess (formerly)
Cheliax (residing in Absalom)
Source: Pathfinder Society Field Guide, pg(s). 15

Paracountess Zarta Dralneen is a beautiful Chelish woman who served as diplomatic envoy to Absalom until she was condemned on false charges in 4713 AR by her own government. Although cultured and refined, Dralneen is a master manipulator who uses her charms and diabolical power to her advantage. Her loyalties once laid with House Thrune, but she is now independent. She was also leader of the Dark Archive faction until it was made defunct when the Pathfinder Society underwent reforms.12

Zarta is infamous throughout the Absalom upper class for her excessive "parties". It is often during these hedonistic events that Zarta uncovers secrets about her guests. Since her false accusations and temporary imprisonment, she has since dropped her hedonistic facade and offered her services to the Pathfinder Society, eschewing political entanglements and revenge against her accusers.34

She has assisted the Pathinder Society for many years, most notably by rooting out dangerous artefacts from within the Grand Lodge's Vaults. These items were studied, catalogued and stored in the Dark Archive, a place she originally proposed and was asked to administrate. Since then she was offered a new position as Head Archivist, granting her official authority over the contents and security of the Grand Lodge’s repository of knowledge and magic.5

She owned several houses around Absalom, including a three-story gothic townhouse in the Ivy District, but now primarily lives and works in the Grand Lodge's Dark Archive.67


As a member of Absalom's upper class, Zarta's personal relationships are documented. One of these past lovers is Gaspar Desime, a veteran of the Goblinblood Wars in Isger, though she has never seen him as more than a temporary distraction. Zarta has been known to extort or spread rumors about previous lovers if such an action would help her reputation or situation.8

As a prominent member of the Pathfinder Society, Zarta has established many new connections with her colleagues. She is a close ally of Gorm Greathammer and they work together to catalogue new discoveries and ensure that agents are properly trained. Their relationship is such that she is occasionally left in charge of the Grand Archive faction on those occasions when Gorm leaves on other business. Zarta doesn't mind performing these tasks on behalf of her colleague.9

Her relationship with Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin is cordial but strained. For his part, Ambrus is suspicious of Zarta for her previous affiliations while Zarta herself is resentful for Ambrus' previous attempts at stymieing her rise within the Pathfinder Society.10


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