Valais Durant

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Valais Durant
Valais Durant.
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Aasimar
Gender Female
Organization Pathfinder Society
Radiant Oath
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Source: Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide, pg(s). 59

Valais Durant is a Pathfinder ritualist who traveled from Numeria to Mendev to investigate the work of Thurl, a venture-captain operating out of a labyrinthine lodge in Nerosyan. Thurl captured her and stitched her body together with those of a babau and kalavakus, creating a chimeric unfettered eidolon.[1]

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After being rescued, Durant journeyed to Heaven to seek another transformation and became an aasimar, and now works to help others victimized by evil acts to recover as leader of the Radiant Oath faction.[2]


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