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Selmius Foster


Selmius Foster was a Pathfinder and merchant prince whose exploits were published in many of the early Pathfinder Chronicles. He was published in Volume 1,1 and his death was written about by his assistant Adolphus in Volume 3.2


Foster's exploration to Vudra led to the opening of Vudran spice trade with Absalom which in turn lead to the Grand Lodge being donated to the Pathfinder Society in 4320 AR.3

Foster, along with Durvin Gest, Gregaro Voth, and Kerinha Napsunar, made numerous explorations together.4 In 4330 AR, during one such exploration to the Mwangi Expanse, they found the Door of Seasons, a mysterious gateway covered in locks and surrounded by keys. There, a voice whispered to them that the door would not open until only one of them remained alive. The four turned their back on the treasure and vowed to leave it to whomever managed to live the longest. This became known as the Open Road Pact.5

Unknown to the four Pathfinders, that voice belonged to the ancient fey tyrant Qxal. Qxal whispered to Foster, the weakest-willed member of the group, that he could claim the treasure without killing his colleagues by recovering the Perennial Crown from the island of Bhopan and bringing it back. A few months later, he informed the other three, then left for Bhopan alongside his assistant Adolphus.5

Foster nearly reached his goal with the help of Adolphus and the Bhopanese princess Ganjay. However, he was caught by guards, accused of kidnapping the princess to force her to assist him, and executed for theft.25


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