Khoumrock Blackthane

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Khoumrock Blackthane
Khoumrock Blackthane.
Titles Venture-captain (retired)
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Homeland Otari, Isle of Kortos
Organization Pathfinder Society (retired)
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Source: Bandits of Immenwood, pg(s). 6–7

Khoumrock Blackthane is a former venture-captain[1] and adventurer of the Pathfinder Society who lives in the town of Otari on the Isle of Kortos.[2]


Khoumrock is a stout, pale-skinned dwarf with a reddened nose.[2]


He is friends with Ambrus Valsin, and responds to his requests to aid the Pathfinder Society despite no longer being an active member himself.[2]


Khoumrock had an eventful career as a Pathfinder who specialized in aquatic adventures, and revels in sharing his tales with new Society recruits. His exploits included being abducted by and rescued from alghollthus.[3][1]


His full plate armor incorporates components of a mechanical diving suit.[2]


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