Evni Zongnoss

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Evni Zongnoss


Evni Zongnoss helped evacuate civilians from the city of Vigil during its destruction at the hands of the Whispering Tyrant. She was the Pathfinder Society venture-captain of the lodge in Vigil, but has taken on management of the Vodavani Lodge in Caliphas in place of the overextended healer Dr. Beaurigmand Trice. Despite the loss of her lodge, she remains resolute in carrying out her duties.234


Evni is a green-eyed, brown-haired, light-skinned gnome easily identifiable by her large turban and Desnan robes.34


The gnome is a renowned fortune-teller. Evni is noted for her attentiveness with her agents and tends to mother them just a bit.5

When Evni ran the Pathfinder lodge in Vigil, it was renowned as a source of magical items, secrets, and lore.1


She stores much of her extensive library in a carriage enchanted to have much more interior space — a gift from Zoenessa Thell, a noble of Canterwall — and uses the vehicle as a mobile base for expeditions for lost relics in the Gravelands in lieu of a formal lodge.3


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