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Gedun, a talos.

Source: Rage of Elements, pg(s). 50–53

Taloses are geniekin descended from the union of mortal humanoids and creatures of the Elemental Plane of Metal, such as metal elementals and zuhras, or who bear a spark of elemental metal, such as sky dragons. Some were also born to mortal parents or spontaneously manifested as adults while influenced by powerful elemental energies of the Plane of Metal, or by their parent's exposure to certain metallic fumes while performing alchemy.1


Each talos bears unique metallic traits in their appearance, from skin and hair that resembles different metals' textures and colors. Talos features might be matte and dark like cast iron or glint with the sheen of polished steel, depending on the influence of their progenitors or ancestors, and can rust, tarnish, or scour with age. Their hair can be wiry, spun, coiled, or braided as chains and resemble metals such as copper, gold, and steel.1

The bodies of some experienced taloses also exhibit other metallic properties, such as electric conductivity or magnetism.1

While such traits make taloses resemble other humanoids whose bodies incorporate metal, such as androids or aphorites, their bodies are more organic and seamless than constructed in appearance with exposed, rusted, or tarnished metallic features. They also lack the craggy earthen features of oreads.1


Many taloses are inspired to become adventurers, though their mercurial nature means they often move between groups several times in pursuit of glory and wealth. They are also drawn to craft work and mining to become alchemists and inventors, or to arts and entertainment to become bards.1


The Plane of Metal re-emerged very recently, and too few taloses exist on Golarion to form societies or cultures of their own. Many are born in rural mining communities near exposed raw ore deposits. Taloses in such places stand out more than most by the gregariousness and desire for attention but struggle to connect with others, and sometimes bear a reputation as being inconsistent and lacking substance.1


Most taloses relate to deities of metal and craft, including Torag, Daikitsu, and Grandmother Spider. Those native to the Plane of Metal more often worship the elemental lords of metal Laudinmio and Ferrumnestra. Some worship the deities Brigh and Casandalee, though other taloses refuse to be further associated with constructs.1

On Golarion

Tian Xia is home to the largest concentrations of taloses on Golarion;1 the Successor States in particular kept both wood metal prominent as elements even before the planes' re-emergence.2 In Numeria, deposits of skymetals have given rise to large communities of taloses with adamantine-colored hair or noqual-hued eyes. Goblin and dwarf communities are also hosts to taloses.1

Among the Kallijae elves of the Mwangi Expanse, talos children are rare but prized. These elves perform a ritual known as the Unburdening that can make a talos's body as strong and resilient as its visible metallic affiliations.1

In the Great Beyond

On the Plane of Metal taloses form tight but welcoming communities near zuhra cities, with Grand Conduu near Argyris the most prominent for the influx of people from the Universe. Such immigration has earned it the joking nickname of "Little Golarion".1


Taloses are of one of at least three lineages, which are sometimes reflected in their place or nature of origin:1

  • Ferrousouls, who exhibit traits of iron, bronze, and other sturdy metals often used in weapons
  • Gildedsouls, who exhibit traits of precious metals such as adamantine, silver, gold, or orichalcum
  • Quicksouls, who exhibit traits of liquid metals such as mercury, rubidium, gallium, and djezet

Known taloses

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  • Gedun, an interplanar criminal known for redistributing wealth3


Paizo published an article on taloses in Rage of Elements.

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