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This index lists featured articles from 2015. For past years, see History. To nominate a featured article, see Nominations. For upcoming featured articles, see Featured article queue.

January 5 - Pahmet

Pahmet Monk.jpg

The Pahmet, also known as sand dwarves, are a dwarven culture native to Osirion. They are distinguished from other dwarves by their dark bronze skin. The sand dwarves claim parts of Osirion's southwestern mountains as their sovereign territory and are hostile toward outsiders, allegedly on the orders of an ancient dwarven pharaoh. read more

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January 12 - The Exchange

The Exchange faction symbol.jpg

The Exchange is a faction within the Pathfinder Society that represents Trade Prince Aaqir al'Hakam and the trade organization he owns in partnership with Sczarni crime lord and former faction leader Guaril Karela. They have lofty aspirations—wanting to become the Inner Sea's dominant trade cartel, eliminating or acquiring competitors while expanding the types and amounts of goods it handles. read more

Recently featured: PahmetHeraldDecemvirate

January 19 - Hobgoblin

Hobgoblin firebrand.jpg

Hobgoblins are a goblinoid race of raiders and pillagers, taking what they need with steel and fire from more advanced cultures before vanishing back into the wilds, slaves and plunder in tow. Unlike their capricious goblin cousins, they are strong, cunning, and organized, with a natural inclination toward hierarchies and social order. Though their strongholds are often sloppily constructed, they are extremely tenacious in their more

Recently featured: The ExchangePahmetHerald

January 26 - Osirian pantheon

Osirian gods.jpg

Since the Age of Destiny, the people of Osirion have worshiped their own local gods, in addition to those deities venerated throughout the Inner Sea region. The popularity of these Ancient Osirian gods has waxed and waned over the centuries, but they remain a part of the history of Osirion’s land and people, and with the restoration of native Osirian rule, interest in these ancient divinities has been rekindled. read more

Recently featured: HobgoblinThe ExchangePahmet

February 2 - Kurgess

Kurgess holy symbol.jpg

Kurgess (pronounced KUR-gess) is a demi-god associated with healthy competition, sport, and physical development. His symbol is a flexing muscular arm holding a golden chain. Born a mortal Taldan peasant of unbeatable physical prowess, Kurgess was discovered as a young man by a traveling merchant. read more

Recently featured: Osirian pantheonHobgoblinThe Exchange

February 9 - Numeria

Numeria symbol.jpg

Numeria (pronounced new-MARE-ee-uh) is a barren, harsh land inhabited by tribes of savage barbarians and ruled over by the Black Sovereign, currently Kevoth-Kul, a despot controlled by a manipulative group of mages who toy with forces they do not understand. read more

Recently featured: KurgessOsirian pantheonHobgoblin

February 16 - Sun

Sun symbol.svg

The sun, sometimes called the Burning Mother, is a yellow star at the center of Golarion's solar system. It is some hundred times the diameter of Golarion and 300,000 times the mass. The sun is intensely inhospitable, nevertheless some creatures do manage to survive and thrive in the inferno. read more

Recently featured: NumeriaKurgessOsirian pantheon

February 23 - Mwangi


The name Mwangi is given to a group of related but ultimately different ethnicities which inhabit the west coast of Garund from the desert states of Rahadoum and Thuvia in the north down through the Mwangi Expanse, which bears their name, all the way to the southern reaches of the continent. read more

Recently featured: SunNumeriaKurgess

March 2 - Skinwalker

Skinwalkers cover.jpg

Skinwalkers are a humanoid race descended from lycanthropes who generally appear human (or another race if of a different parentage), but who can also transform and take on bestial physical attributes depending on their lycanthropic heritages. read more

Recently featured: MwangiSunNumeria

March 9 - Hold of Belkzen

The Blood Plains of the Hold of Belkzen

While orcs can be found throughout Golarion, nowhere else are they as plentiful or live in as densely populated settlements as in the Hold of Belkzen (pronounced BEHLK-zen). Belkzen is an unforgiving wasteland filled with shrub brush, steep mountains, and uneven badlands, where water is scarce and generally limited to the seasonal Flood Road. read more

Recently featured: SkinwalkerMwangiSun

March 16 - Guaril Karela

Guaril Karela.jpg

Guaril Karela is the mastermind behind most of the Sczarni activity in and around Absalom and Varisia, a criminal empire he grew from a small operation in Absalom in 4709 AR to a dominant position among Sczarni families by 4713 AR. He keeps a low profile, once working the counter of his curio shop in the Docks, the Pickled Imp, and later going into hiding as his Varisian ambitions generated several powerful new enemies. read more

Recently featured: Hold of BelkzenSkinwalkerMwangi

March 23 - Mike McArtor

Mike McArtor.jpg

Mike McArtor served as Editor at Paizo Publishing, LLC from November 2003 to June 2008. He was Assistant Editor of Dragon, and later developer on the Pathfinder Chronicles and Pathfinder Companion product lines. His Pathfinder design credits include Guide to Darkmoon Vale, Guide to Korvosa, Dragons Revisited, and Children of the Void. After leaving Paizo, Mike worked on the Magic: the Gathering team at Wizards of the Coast. McArtor was killed in an automobile accident on March 23, 2015. read more

Recently featured: Guaril KarelaHold of BelkzenSkinwalker

March 30 - Nex

Nex symbol.jpg

Nex is a cosmopolitan realm on the southeastern coast of Garund, filled with arcane wonders and ancient scars. It was established by the mighty wizard-king Nex, who vanished four thousand years ago. The nation grew up around the ancient city state of Quantium. With the emergence of the legendary archmage during the Age of Destiny, Quantium experienced a rapid rise in power and soon dominated the surrounding area. read more

Recently featured: Mike McArtorGuaril KarelaHold of Belkzen

April 6 - Derhii


Derhii are giant aerial apes who served the ancient Shory Empire as troops and guardians for their enormous flying cities. They were no mere slave race, however, but served as valued allies. They fought in many wars for the Shory, and in turn gradually were honed into better troops, learning how to use weapons and aerial combat tactics. read more

Recently featured: NexMike McArtorGuaril Karela

April 13 - Cinderlands

Ankhrav hunt.jpg

The burning plains of the Storval Plateau known as the Cinderlands are perhaps the most inhospitable location in all of Varisia. This wasteland of ash and sand seems an unlikely place to find any life, but it is home to a number of peoples and creatures who brave the emberstorms and the heat. read more

Recently featured: DerhiiNexMike McArtor

April 20 - Qlippoth


The demons were not the first inhabitants of the Abyss. In the earliest pre-history of the Great Beyond, before humanity rose from barbarism, before Asmodeus created Hell, before the gods even began to pay attention to the world of Golarion, the Abyss was populated by the primordial qlippoth. read more

Recently featured: CinderlandsDerhiiNex

April 27 - Terendelev

The Worldwound Incursion cover detail.jpg

The ancient silver dragon Terendelev has made her home in the Mendevian city of Kenabres for many years. She serves the Iomedaean leadership as a soldier and enforcer, patrolling the city with a group of like-minded paladins. read more

Recently featured: QlippothCinderlandsDerhii

May 4 - Gnome

Lini and Lem.jpg

Gnomes are a misfit race, not native to Golarion and far from ideally suited to life in the mundane world. Cast adrift from their original home, they are still shaped by the spiritual damage caused by their exodus. read more

Recently featured: TerendelevQlippothCinderlands

May 11 - Technic League

Technic League from Lords of Rust.jpg

The Technic League is a group of arcanists and other lore-seekers obsessed with unlocking the mysteries of the Silver Mount, an ancient alien artifact that crashed long ago near the Numerian capital city of Starfall. Through their indirect control over the nation's ruler, the Black Sovereign Kevoth-Kul, the Technic League also has strong influence over the laws, policies, and economy of Numeria. read more

Recently featured: GnomeTerendelevQlippoth

May 18 - Cecaelia


Cecaelias are sentient hybrids of humans and octopi. Their humanoid upper bodies vary individually, but generally reflect the features of the inhabitants of the nearest humanoid settlements. Sages think this is an adaptive trait, akin to an octopus's natural camouflage, allowing them to mutate within one to two generations to blend in with humanoids sharing their territory. read more

Recently featured: Technic LeagueGnomeTerendelev

May 25 - Imperial Calendar


The Imperial Calendar (commonly abbreviated as IC) is the most-commonly used dating system on the continent of Tian Xia. The chroniclers of Tian Xia divide known history into four ages: the Age of Dragons, Age of Ashes, Age of Ascendancy, and the Age of Succession. read more

Recently featured: CecaeliaTechnic LeagueGnome

June 1 - Varisian


The Varisians are the Inner Sea region's most well-known nomadic people. In the last 10,000 years, they have spread out from their ancient homeland of Varisia to settle in such diverse nations as Ustalav, Nidal, and Numeria. read more

Recently featured: Imperial CalendarCecaeliaTechnic League

June 7 - Gnoll


Gnolls, or hyenafolk, are a humanoid race renowned for their tremendous laziness, and fierce savagery. Structuring themselves into packs, gnolls survive through raiding and pillaging and acquiring slaves who facilitate their slothful lifestyles. read more

Recently featured: VarisianImperial CalendarCecaelia

June 14 - Imperial dragon

Forest dragon.jpg

Imperial dragons, sometimes termed dragons of the celestial host, are a type of dragon that are serpentine agents of cosmic balance native to Tian Xia. Like other true dragons, they grow in power as they age. read more

Recently featured: GnollVarisianImperial Calendar

June 21 - Dominion of the Black

Abtaroh Vorenic.jpg

The Dominion of the Black (also known by many names, including the Dominions of the Black and the Black Truth) is an obscure reference to places, phenomenon, organizations, or possibly even regencies from a distant part of space. The Dominion of the Black has been described as a "mysterious consortium of emissaries," suggesting that it may in fact act as a lower hierarchical rung that serves the malignant incomprehensible intelligences that rule the aether of the Dark Tapestry, the lightless places between the stars. read more

Recently featured: Imperial dragonGnollVarisian

June 28 - Splintermold


Splintermold is a Darklands fungus found hanging down from the roofs of caverns, similar in fashion to a stalactite. Indeed it is usually found among stalactites, as it is from minerals in these rock formations that the fungus gains its nutrients, harvested by small fungal tendrils. read more

Recently featured: Dominion of the BlackImperial dragonGnoll

July 5 - Familiar


A familiar is an animal, or some other exotic creature, chosen to aid an arcane spellcaster's study of magic. read more

Recently featured: SplintermoldDominion of the BlackImperial dragon

July 12 - Brastlewark


Brastlewark is an almost exclusively gnomish city in eastern Cheliax, located on the western edge of the Aspodell Mountains, at the head of the Brastle River. It is believed to be the largest gnome settlement in the Inner Sea region, perhaps even in the entire world. read more

Recently featured: FamiliarSplintermoldDominion of the Black

July 19 - Steel Falcons

Kal Berne.jpg

The most well-known of the three Eagle Knight branches, the Steel Falcons are renowned for their bold and ambitious actions outside of Andoran, famous for attacking slave galleons and liberating slaves throughout the Inner Sea region. read more

Recently featured: BrastlewarkFamiliarSplintermold

July 26 - Daughter of Urgathoa

Wight Mother.jpg

A daughter of Urgathoa is an adopted child of the Pallid Princess, the goddess Urgathoa herself. Given new purpose at the moment of death, these undead creatures of warped flesh and bone continue to serve their new mother as they did in life. read more

Recently featured: Steel FalconsBrastlewarkFamiliar

August 2 - Five Kings Mountains

Five Kings Mountains symbol.jpg

The Five Kings Mountains are tall and imposing peaks, rich with ore and ironbloom mushrooms. Heavily populated by dwarves, they are the largest center of dwarven culture on or beneath Golarion. Highhelm, the largest dwarven city on Golarion, is located under one of its peaks: the lofty Emperor's Peak. read more

Recently featured: Daughter of UrgathoaSteel FalconsBrastlewark

August 9 - Derro

Dero brainwasher.jpg

The derro are a Darklands menace best known for kidnapping the inhabitants of cities across Avistan and taking them back to their Nar-Voth enclaves for experimentation. read more

Recently featured: Five Kings MountainsDaughter of UrgathoaSteel Falcons

August 16 - Galt

Galt symbol.jpg

Galt is a land where once high ideals have been laid low and mob rule has led to chaos. After the death of Aroden and the rise of House Thrune in Cheliax, the people of Galt decided to throw off their foreign rulers, along with their own nobles who had colluded with them. Decades of perpetual, bloody revolution followed in which many nobles lost their heads. read more

Recently featured: DerroFive Kings MountainsDaughter of Urgathoa

August 23 - Calistria

Calistria holy symbol.jpg

Calistria (pronounced kah-LISS-tree-ah) is the goddess of lust and revenge who takes on many faces and guises. She is held in especially high regard by elves, who often identify with her moods and changeable nature. A fondness for wasps has earned this vengeful deity the title the Savored Sting; such creatures live on after harming their enemies, a trait Calistria's followers hope to emulate when pursuing their goals. read more

Recently featured: GaltDerroFive Kings Mountains

August 30 - Desna

Desna holy symbol 2.jpg

Desna is the lucky goddess of dreams, stars, and travelers. She is worshiped across the face of Golarion, but is a particular favorite among the wandering Varisians. An ancient goddess whose presence has been felt since the Age of Creation, Desna took part in the battle to defeat and imprison the Rough Beast. read more

Recently featured: CalistriaGaltDerro

September 6 - Queen Galfrey

Queen Galfrey.jpg

Queen Galfrey is the absolute monarch of the crusader-state of Mendev, and leader of the Mendevian Crusades. read more

Recently featured: DesnaCalistriaGalt

September 13 - Irori

Irori holy symbol.jpg

Irori (pronounced ih-ROHR-ee) is the god of enlightenment, self-perfection, knowledge, healing, and inner strength. His followers claim that he was once a mortal who achieved absolute physical and mental perfection and thus attained divinity of his own volition. He is one of the core gods of, if not the most powerful deity of, the Vudrani pantheon, but has an increasing following in the Inner Sea region as well. read more

Recently featured: GalfreyDesnaCalistria

September 20 - Hell


The plane of Hell is the ultimate expression of evil order in the Great Beyond, of the weak subjugated to serve the strong, of complete obedience, and unquestioning faith. Its tortures are not willful and random like the torments of the Abyss, or purely sadistic and spiteful like that of Abaddon. Evil and obedience here are honed to a razor's edge in service to a greater purpose: that of bending the will of souls, and the very architecture of creation itself to the greater glory of the lord Asmodeus and his perfect order. It is the home of myriads of devils and other evil outsiders, and sadly the final destination for countless mortal souls. read more

Recently featured: IroriGalfreyDesna

September 27 - Druma

Druma symbol.jpg

The Kalistocracy of Druma (pronounced kal-ihs-TOK-rah-see of DROO-muh) is a land glutting itself on the wealth of trade, ruled by the high prophet of a strange, secular religion that values wealth and trade above any deity. This religion permeates every level of Druman society, as followers of the Prophecies of Kalistrade favor each other in all business deals. While other religions are tolerated in Druma, their followers rarely go far, as the majority of the Resplendent Bureaucracy which runs Druma is made up of followers of the Prophecy. read more

Recently featured: HellIroriGalfrey

October 4 - Triaxus

Triaxus dragons.jpg

Triaxus is the seventh planet in Golarion's solar system, known as the Wanderer because of its irregular and eccentric orbit. It is known for being two different worlds depending on its distance from the sun. At its farthest point, far past the great gas giants, Triaxus is covered by glaciers, endless snow fields and savage predators. At its closest point, it rivals steamy Castrovel for how close Triaxus approaches the center of the solar system, transforming it into a world of vibrant forests, rushing rivers and fertile earth teeming with abundant life. Because of this extreme shift in seasons, Triaxus has two very distinct and very different ecologies. Its current place in the heavens will determine which is the dormant season and which is active. read more

Recently featured: DrumaHellIrori

October 11 - Tatzlwyrm

Tatzlwyrm line drawing.jpg

A tatzlwyrm (pronounced TATZ-el-werm) is a small, wingless cousin of the larger true dragon. Tatzlwyrms slither through the upper foliage of the forest, attempting to wrap themselves around their victims from above. read more

Recently featured: TriaxusDrumaHell

October 18 - Kellid


The Kellids were born in the harsh, unforgiving mountains, tundra, and boreal forests of northern Avistan. They are a tribal people who distrust magic, are fiercely loyal to members of their clans, and speak a language that has no written form, for none is needed in a land where survival is measured from day to day. read more

Recently featured: TatzlwyrmTriaxusDruma

October 25 - Lycanthrope

Pack fight.jpg

A lycanthrope is a humanoid creature that can change its shape into that of a specific animal and into a hybrid shape between the two. Lycanthropes are distinguished taxonomically from other shapechangers by the addition of the prefix "were-" to their names. Though they are not necessarily evil, they are generally hated by human society, which almost always sees them as violent, bestial, and diseased creatures. read more

Recently featured: KellidTatzlwyrmTriaxus

November 1 - Gigas

Gigas fight.jpg

Gigas are a race of powerful, enormous giants who were formed by the titans during the Age of Creation from the primordial substance of the planes. Because of this, each species of gigas varies considerably from the other. The gigas, in turn, were the progenitors of all the species of giants found throughout the Great Beyond. read more

Recently featured: LycanthropeKellidTatzlwyrm

November 8 - Ghul

A ghul.

The ghul are a race of undead janni who die while in disfavor to fate. Thanks to a curse placed on janni-kind by the div-lord Ahriman, they rise as a type of ghoul. read more

Recently featured: GigasLycanthropeKellid

November 15 - Merfolk

A deep merfolk.

Merfolk are amphibious humanoids encountered in the temperate waters and coastlines of the Inner Sea region. A merfolk's torso resembles that of a human or elf, while their lower bodies are dominated by a fish-like tail and fins. They are highly xenophobic, and commonly attack members of other races that encroach upon their territory; the only other intelligent creatures merfolk consider allies are the aboleths. read more

Recently featured: GhulGigasLycanthrope

November 22 - Holidays and festivals

Holiday card 2010.jpg

Countless holidays and festivals are celebrated throughout Golarion. They commemorate a famous occurrence in local history, honor a god or goddess, celebrate a change in seasons, or are so incredibly old that everyone has forgotten their origin. Some happen on a specific calendar day each year, while others are a bit more flexible. read more

Recently featured: MerfolkGhulGigas

November 29 - Worldwound


A demon-haunted wasteland that lies at the northern-most reaches of central Avistan, the Worldwound is an unnatural blight: it is a rift to the Abyss opened on the Material Plane. It appeared shortly after the death of the god Aroden at the beginning of the Age of Lost Omens, and is probably the greatest threat to life on the face of Golarion. read more

Recently featured: Holidays and festivalsMerfolkGhul

December 6 - Apsu

Apsu holy symbol.jpg

Apsu is the patron deity of all good and metallic dragons, and one of the oldest gods of the Great Beyond. Along with Tiamat, he is (at least according to draconic lore) believed to be one of the two original creator beings of the multiverse. read more

Recently featured: WorldwoundHolidays and festivalsMerfolk

December 13 - Tiefling


Tieflings are planetouched creatures native to Golarion, mostly human, yet with the blood of demons, devils, or other evil outsiders in their veins. Also known colloquially (and somewhat pejoratively) as 'hellspawn' or 'devilblooded', they are often distrusted and feared for this evil lineage. Even in infernal Cheliax where some tieflings serve as middlemen between the people and the denizens of Hell, they are second-class citizens at best. read more

Recently featured: ApsuWorldwoundHolidays and festivals

December 20 - Emerald Spire

Map of the Emerald Spire.

The Emerald Spire is a strange ruin in the northwestern River Kingdoms. Located in a large clearing in the Echo Wood near the Crusader Road, six miles northeast of the Hellknight-ruled settlement of Fort Inevitable, the spire is well known to locals and travellers in the region. read more

Recently featured: TieflingApsuWorldwound

December 27 - Goblin

Chuffy Lickwound, a goblin.

Considered nothing more than murderous pests by most, goblins dwell on the fringes of other societies, scavenging amongst their waste and building their society in squalor. Though weak on their own, goblins often gather in huge numbers to overwhelm their enemies. read more

Recently featured: Emerald SpireTieflingApsu