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The demonic rune of Cyth V'sug.
Titles Prince of the Blasted Heath
Demon Lord of Fungus and Parasites
Lord of Filth and Pollution
Adjective Cith-V'sugian
Home The Jeharlu, Abyss
Alignment Chaotic evil
Areas of Concern Disease
Worshipers Alchemists, black dragons, deros, drow, ex-druids, polluters, evil vegepygmies
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Earth, Evil, Plant
Subdomains Caves, Decay, Demon, Growth, Plague
Favored Weapon Scimitar
Symbol Moldy spiraling tentacle
Sacred Animal Centipede
Sacred Colors Green, yellow
Images of Cyth-V'sug

Source: Beyond the Doomsday Door, pg(s). 65

Cyth-V'sug (pronounced SITH-vih-SUG)[1] is the demon lord of fungus and parasites. Originally a qlippoth lord, he is older than any of the demons now residing in the Abyss.[2] Cyth-V'sug was spawned by the qlippoth lord called Oaur-Ooung and later ascended and transformed into a demon lord.[3]


A common depiction of Cyth-V'sug.

Cyth-V'sug is a misshapen and monstrous being the size of a house. His body is made of a horrid mass of tubers, fungus, and rot, shot through with grasping tentacles and claws. This horrid mass is topped by a vaguely draconic head with puffball eyes and a maw of sharp, broken teeth.[2][4]


During the ancient war between the demons and qlippoth shortly after the formers' creation, the qlippoth lord Cyth-V'sug did not want to take part, staying in his realm and slaughtering any invading demons. He eventually observed that the demons were worshipped by self-destructive mortals, and as he sent tendrils of consciousness into the Material Plane, he found desperate creatures longing answers to their prayers and responded to them. This increased his strength, but Cyth-V'sug was still forced to remain in the deep Abyss alongside the qlippoth.[5]

Cyth-V'sug continued to hear the pleas for divine gifts and responses from his worshippers. This greed caused Cyth-V'sug to feel the mortal emotion of desire: for his original home, for demon blood, for vengeance. In time, the other qlippoth lords noticed this change and threatened to destroy him, forcing him to flee to the upper Abyss.[5]

Cyth-V'sug realised that he had become like a hated demon, but he was still hungry and continued to demand sacrifices from his followers, slowly transforming into a demon lord. However, this did nothing to quell his hatred of demons.[5]


An alternative depiction of Cyth-V'sug.

Cyth-V'sug resides in a layer of the Abyss known as Jeharlu, made up of a single writhing colony of parasitic fungus that corrupts anything it touches into a vile extension of its own consciousness.[6] The Prince of the Blasted Heath forever yearns to expand his domain by pulling other parts of the Great Beyond into his realm.[2][4] He continues to pursue the qlippoth goal of eradicating mortals and starving the demons of sin so the qlippoth could reclaim the Abyss. He cares little that this will mean his own destruction, as it means that his hunger will finally be sated.[5]

Cult and worshippers

As an ever-hungry demon lord, Cyth-V'sug has little interest in forming cults or secret societies like some of his fellow demons; instead, he hungers to absorb the whole of Golarion into his realm. Still, he does have those devoted to him on the surface world, although these are generally lone madmen obsessed with spreading his fungal taint.[2] Followers wish to understand and reveal the powers of disease and infestation, revelling in the filth of the world. They seek to bring bloody sacrifices, especially of elves, to gain a greater closeness to their master.[7]

The Worldwound

Unsurprisingly, the Prince of the Blasted Heath has a dedicated following in the Worldwound, where is is venerated by numerous fungus queens in Frostmire Fen, who in turn are overseen by the greatest of their kind, Enivuni.[8]

The Darklands

Below the surface of Golarion, his veneration becomes more common. His largest group of worshipers are most probably the drow of House Urdrinor, who tend the fungus gardens of Yagasfanas and supply the drow of Zirnakaynin with edible mushrooms procured with the power of their demonic patron.[9] The dero also occasionally turn to Cyth-V'sug in their madness, searching for answers to spiritual questions.[10][11] Certain mad shamans among the more violent tribes of vegepygmies have been known to ask the demon lord for assistance as well.[12]

The Fangwood

In the deepest fastness of Nirmathas's Fangwood forest in central Avistan beats a rotten heart. Originally a part of the fey Accressiel court—serving as a handmaiden to the glaistig Gendowyn—the jealous and spiteful dryad, Arlantia, found herself corrupted by an ancient relic of the demon lord Treerazer: a weapon called the Spiteful Scimitar. Immersing herself in the unholy texts captured during the campaign against Treerazer, Arlantia would eventually open a portal to Jeharlu, and merge its foul influence with her own fey magic to become the source of the virulent Darkblight.[13] Arlantia would go on to infect many of her fellow fey and lead a bloody coup against Gendowyn, unseating and imprisoning the glaistig, and styling herself "Princess of the Blasted Heath" in her new seat of power, the Pestilent Palace.[14] Commanding an army of blighted fey, Jeharlu demons, and even an ancient black dragon, Arlantia courts the attentions of the ever-aloof Cyth-V'sug by spreading the Darkblight in tribute to the demon lord, hoping one day that he might notice and take her as his unholy bride.[15]

Unholy text

The Excresence, Cyth-V'sug's unholy text, is a living tumour that grows on the body of a devotee. To cultivate a 'copy', a cultist must smear a special foul concoction (whose recipe is only granted by Cyth-V'sug to worthy followers) on an open wound, then survive without curing the infection while the tumour grows to the size of a cat, so The Excresence can whisper to them. If the symbiont is removed, another host must be found to keep the book alive.[16]

All copies of The Excresence share the same voice, and when near another copy, begin intoning in a creepy, harmonic unity: it is unknown if all copies are individuals or fragments of a larger intelligence. While the whispers can be copied onto paper, pages inscribed with The Excresence rot unnaturally quickly due to the influence of Cyth-V'sug, who ensures that only devotees have access to his wisdom.[16]


Cyth-V'sug's followers rarely interact with other religions. They sometimes work alongside the followers of Urgathoa or Ghlaunder to spread disease, but rarely for long. Cyth-V'sug despises other demon lords and wishes to sow chaos and destruction through other means. His arch-enemy is the Great Old One Xhamen-Dor, who competes with him for the same goal.[16]

One of his most powerful spawn, the nascent demon lord Treerazer, has recently established a domain in the Material Plane in Kyonin after attempting a failed coup against Cyth-V'sug and being banished to the Material Plane. This seems to be the extent of Treerazer's punishment; some consider this lack of revenge strange and the establishment of Treerazer's realm may signify a furtherance of Cyth-V'sug's ambition to assimilate Golarion.[2][4][6][16]


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