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Type Outsider
(augmented, human, native)
CR +2
Environment Any land

Source: Qadira, Gateway to the East, pg(s). 26-27

Children of burning passions consummated with mysterious desert travellers, half-janni—as with many half breeds—do not belong entirely to either of their parents' worlds.


The appearance of a half-janni is normally so close to human that it is impossible to tell from a cursory glance that they are not human, although they are always exceptional beautiful for humans. It is only on closer inspection that people notice the other worldly grace, the serenity and the small cloud of sand that often dance around their feet. General it is an impression of unearthly beauty and grace that distinguishes a half-janni from a human.[1]

Habitat & Ecology

Half-janni belong to neither the civilisation of the Janni or the Keleshites humans they most commonly take as mates. Half-janni become a part of either parent's culture as they are too few in number to form their own society. Those half-janni who adopt human culture tend to remain on the outside, keeping themselves on the fringe of civilisation so they do not become to tangled up in its webs. Unfortunately, like their parents, they tend to find themselves inexorably draw towards humans and often siring suli-janni themselves.[1] Many never know a life outside of human communities as half-janni are normally born to human mothers left behind by the wandering Janni. Those half-janni who chose to accompany their full Janni parents are always aware of their difference, for unlike the janni they are mortal (although they age a lot slower than humans). They also have to eat unlike true janni and while half-janni can rely on their parents ability to magically create food most make it a point of pride to be able to hunt and forage for themselves. Some suspect some of the half-janni who choose a life in exile or amongst humans do so to prove their independent, self-reliance. Half-janni are emotionally closer to humans than their flighty genie kin but they are always aware of their superiority, this self-superiority comes not just from their slow ageing and good looks but also from their innate magical abilities. As half-janni get more powerful they gain access to the magical abilities that normal janni have from birth. The largest concentration of half-janni is amongst the tent city of Erukh where they dwell alongside their genie brothers.[2]