St. Ilnea's Fountain

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St. Ilnea's Fountain is a spring in a rock-ringed vale along the Menador Mountains, just west of the Chelaxian town of Taggun Hold in the Archduchy of Menador.12

Miraculous appearance

Ilnea was the first saint of Iomedae, who died in the vale fighting the demonic Karash'e'tor the Black. Her body disappeared into the earth, and on the next day a spring rose at the site. The spring became known as St. Ilnea's Fountain, and each year on 19 Rova (the Day of the Inheritor) and 6 Lamashan (Ascendance Day), the fountain jets water hundreds of feet into the air, blessing all who stand there. This blessing is said to be a ward against evil outsiders and capable of healing curses and wounds caused by evil creatures.12

Some entrepreneurs attempt to smuggle water from the fountain and hawk it as a cure-all, but the waters have no effect once removed from the spring.3


Many who suffer injuries and curses travel to the springs in anticipation of their eruptions, as do pilgrims of Iomedae. Many stay for the 17 days between eruptions, and knights of Iomedae shelter and care for these pilgrims in the interim.2


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