Grand Arch

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Although Grand Arch is not the wealthiest district of Magnimar's prestigious Summit region, it is the largest. Grand Arch, which lies within the city district of Naos, stretches from the Twins' Gate monument to the north for most of the length of the Avenue of Honors, while to the east it engulfs most of the length of the Lord-Mayor's March. The area is home to middle class merchants and respectable shop owners. While not as affluent as some of the nearby districts, Grand Arch is still a respectable place to live. Many of its homes stand vacant for much of the year as most of the travelling merchants who visit Magnimar keep their homes in the Grand Arch district, swelling the population for parts of the year while leaving the area relatively empty at other times. The district is named after its most famous sight, the twin statues known as The Guardians.1


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