Pug's Contraptions

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Pug's Contraptions is a clockwork-creation business and tinker shop in the northwest of Magnimar's Ordellia district that generally deals in small contraptions such as toys, unique locks, and other baubles. It is run by old Morgamer Pug, a halfling who is in direct competition with the much-larger Golemworks.[1] Pug has carved himself out a small niche in only dealing in smaller, clockwork machines, but would love to cut into the Golemworks' business. To this end, he has an ongoing agreement with Venture-captain Sheila Heidmarch of the city's Pathfinder lodge to buy any construct her agents may come across in their journeys.[2] The guildsign for the store is a pig whose mouth is stuffed with lockpicks, a remnant of the owner's first business (which he still practices when he can't sell clockworks) of creating locks and other small metalworks such as bird cages.[3][4]


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