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Template:Magnimar navbox

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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
See Help:Navboxes for more information about using navboxes in articles.

{{Magnimar navbox}} should contain all government entities, prominent families, organizations, districts, notable locations, roads and geographic features, and holdings in Magnimar.

Expansion Targets

  • {{Magnimar navbox|gov}} → Government
  • {{Magnimar navbox|houses}} → Noble Houses and Families of Note
  • {{Magnimar navbox|org}} → Organizations
  • {{Magnimar navbox|CD}} → City Districts
  • {{Magnimar navbox|loc}} → Locations of Importance
  • {{Magnimar navbox|roads}} → Roads, Thoroughfares, Plazas & Squares
  • {{Magnimar navbox|geo}} → Geography
  • {{Magnimar navbox|holdings}} → Holdings