Small Council

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Small Council
Type Political
Headquarters Rose and Rake Theatre, Magnimar
Goals Govern Ordellia neighborhood
Scope Local
Structure Neighborhood council
Members Annsa Shivarlu

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 37

The Small Council is a subset of the Council of Ushers, one of the governing bodies (along with the Office of the Lord-Mayor and the Varisian Council) of the Varisian city of Magnimar. The Small Council has jurisdiction only over the Ordellia neighborhood, located on the far side of the rest of the city, across the Yondabakari River. Members of the Small Council are elected by residents of the neighborhood every two years. The Council meets at the Rose and Rake Theatre, a building large enough to hold town hall-type meetings. Small Council offices are located in a nearby building. The Council of Ushers generally does not interfere with the Small Council's work, as long as citizens of Ordellia pay their taxes on time.[1]


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