Sewer Goblins

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Sewer Goblins
Type Goblin tribe
Leader Various
Alignment Neutral evil
Headquarters Magnimar, Varisia
Scope Local
Structure Tribal

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 46

Magnimar's Sewer Goblins are a collection of various goblin families that call the sewers of Magnimar home. These goblins rarely form tribes or other larger groupings, preferring instead to congregate in bands of a dozen or so extended family members.[1]

These goblins have a knack for getting into places even skilled thieves would find difficult to crack, granting them unwitting access to numerous powerful magical items and alchemical supplies.[1]


In the past, the goblins of Magnimar's sewers competed for space and resources with a population of mites, small fey who had made their way up from the Darklands realm of Nar-Voth. The sewer goblins eventually won this contest and drove the blue-skinned creatures to migrate to other areas, such as the pilings of the Irespan.[2]


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