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Eyes of the Hawk

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Eyes of the Hawk
Type Adventuring party
Leader Cailyn and Romre Vanderale
Headquarters Magnimar, Varisia
Scope Local

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 18-19

The Eyes of the Hawk are an historical adventuring party from the Varisian city of Magnimar who defeated the outbreak of shriezyx from the Irespan in 4623 AR. They were led by the twin wizards Cailyn and Romre Vanderale, and managed to rally the Magnimar city watch to drive the spidery monstrosities back into the inner chambers of the bridge, after which they collapsed the entrance. Ever since this time, tampering with the Irespan, or even construction within 50 feet of it has been forbidden by law. The heroic actions of the adventuring party are commemorated by the Eyes of the Hawk monument, which stands in the city's Dockway district.[1][2]