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Magnimar city guard

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Magnimar City Guard
Type City guard
Leader Commander Ismeir Odinburge
Headquarters Arvensoar
Goals Enforcement of Magnimar's Laws
Scope Local (Magnimar)
Structure Military

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 54

Though Magnimar has few laws for a city of its size, it still enforces a large contingent of guards known as the Magnimar City Guard. The guards patrol the streets of Magnimar regularly, though wealthier districts receive greater protection than those inhabited by the lower classes.

Magnimar's guards are trained to detain prisoners without harming them [1]. The guard often coordinates their activities with the Church of Abadar[2].

The city guard regularly conducts raids into the Underbridge to limit the city's smuggling activities as well as preventing the looting of the Irespan[3].

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