Serpent's Run

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Serpent's Run is the largest building in Magnimar, quite a feat in the so-called city of monuments, and is located in one of the city's most prosperous areas, the Marble District. Serpent's Run is Magnimar's arena and most popular entertainment venue; the hippodrome can seat up to 5,000 people,1 over a quarter of Magnimar's total population.2 Unlike many other arenas, the Serpent's Run specialises in non-bloodsports like dog and horse racing, decathlons, and magic displays. However, the late-summer rodeos sponsored by the Matador's Lodge are also held here.3

The arena is named for the carving of a gigantic serpent that runs around the upper rim of the arena, a tribute to the serpent slain by Alcaydian Indros. It is run by Master of Games Jorston "Axetongue" Droaeb.1


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