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Boria's is an innocuous-looking wine shop on Lemnius Lane1 in the northern Naos district of the Varisian city of Magnimar, and is run by Todoban Boria. Numerous types of wholly unremarkable wines are displayed around the shop and a small statue of Cayden Cailean stands upon the front counter, all giving the impression of a perfectly ordinary establishment that sells wines. The truth is that that Boria's is the city's premier supplier of poisons, manufactured or procured by the owner, and sold to a very selective clientele. Only with the proper references (such as from the Night Scales) does Boria display his true wares. The poison maker earns enough money from his illegal trade that he doesn't have to actually sell any wine. Because of this, Boria only makes enough of an effort to move his legal inventory so as not to arouse suspicion.2