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The city district known as Dockway forms the heart of Magnimar's maritime activities, nestled round the shore of Outcast's Cove in the city's Shore region. It sis sometimes referred to as the Eagle's Quarter, or as the Trade District.

Dockway never sleeps. The constant flow of trading ships and local fishing vessels keep the docks busy at all hours. Much of this part of the city is home to businesses that cater to the hardy sea folk who spend their earnings here. A few blocks inland from the salt-soaked dock fronts, there are a host of more comfortable inns and taverns that try to cater to the exotic tastes of Magnimar's foreign visitors. The most famous of these Dockway sanctuaries is probably the Old Fang, a cheap dockside inn run by Ol' Mam Grottle, its no-nonsense proprietress.1


The Bazaar of Sails is the sole distinct neighbourhood within Dockway.2