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From PathfinderWiki
Nation Varisia
Region Magnimar
Size Small town
Population 528

Source: The Hook Mountain Massacre, pg(s). 69

Nybor, founded in 4641 AR,[1] is perhaps the most racially accepting settlement in Varisia and ranks highly among the list in all of Golarion.[2] Located on the southern shores of Ember Lake and bordering the Sanos Forest,[3] the peaceful farming community has a more half-breeds per capita than any other Varisian city. Interracial marriages are not only tolerated, but promoted, making it a haven for those who find themselves in precarious situations involving illicit pregnancies and other affairs which might be judged harshly in more puritanical locations.[2] Being so close to the Sanos Forest, Nybor is also home to a sizeable gnome population.[4]