Seerspring Garden

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The Seerspring Garden is the largest park in the whole of Magnimar and forms a tranquil corner of the Keystone district but borders other city districts too. The Seerspring Garden is named after the Seerspring, a beautiful spring that produces pure, crystal clear water. The spring is said to have been home to a water spirit that acted as an oracle early in the city's history, while this water spirit has long since disappeared it predicted that it would one day return to the Seerspring. This prophecy and the springs generally mysterious nature led the half elf wizard Leis Nivlandis to found the wizard school called the Stone of the Seers directly opposite the Seerspring Garden.1

At the center of the spring stands Our Lady of Blessed Waters, a statue that may depict the water spirit. The sculptor is unknown; the statue just appeared in the spring one day shortly after the park's opening.2