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Justice Court

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Justice Court
Type Legal
Leader Lord Justice Bayl Argentine
Alignment Lawful neutral
Headquarters Magnimar
Goals Maintain the laws of the city
Scope Local
Structure Thirteen-member council

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 16

The Justice Court of Magnimar, sometimes referred to as the Justice Council, is the city-state's highest court. This body of thirteen Justices acts as the final arbiter of the city, ruling on disagreements when the law itself comes into question and determining the guilt or innocence of those who come before them accused of breaking the law. Among the thirteen Justices, one serves as Lord Justice and maintains order within the Court; currently the position is held by Bayl Argentine. The Court meets in the Pediment Building in the Capital District, the lowest levels of which serve as a prison for the city's most hardened criminals, known as the Hells.[1] Associated with the Justice Court are the Halls of Virtue.[2]