Steelwhiskers Clan

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Steelwhiskers Clan

Criminal gang
Source: City of Secrets 2, pg(s). 27-30

The Steelwhiskers Clan is a powerful clan of wererats who operate out of Steelwhiskers' Emporium in Magnimar's Underbridge district.1

The Steelwhiskers rose to prominence after a group of Pathfinders raided the warehouse of the Vaor family, causing the Vaors to loose a significant amount of business. Sensing weakness in the rival wererats, clan leader Elsta Steelwhiskers stepped up her game, and formed an alliance with a group of dero that dwelt in the sewers beneath Magnimar.

While the Steelwhiskers are willing to work for many of the criminal enterprises in Magnimar, the dero have become their best customers, and the Steelwhiskers kidnap two victims a month for the deros' mad experiments. To prevent suspicion, the Steelwhiskers tend to target drunks, new arrivals, and lost children.1

The clan makes use of giant rats as humans would dogs.2