Midnight Dawn

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Midnight Dawn
Type Criminal
Leader Tiluatchek
Headquarters Magnimar, Varisia
Goals Drafting of Magnimar's population into war against Denebrum
Scope Local (Magnimar)

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 47

The Midnight Dawn is a secret criminal organization run by the intellect devourer Tiluatchek. Utilizing dominated human slaves, along with wererats, ghouls, drug dealers, and charmed monsters for defense, the Midnight Dawn spreads a drug known as "midnight milk" through Magnimar's underworld.[1]

The ultimate goal of the Midnight Dawn is to use the humanoid population of Magnimar as an army for the intellect devourers of Ilvarandin against the Neothelid of Denebrum. Through the Midnight Dawn's control of the Blue Bunyip, the Swift Dolphin Warehouse, and the Red Kestrel Imports, Tiluatchek keeps an eye out for bodies that would be well suited for fighting a war.[1]

The midnight milk sold by the Midnight Dawn to finance their conspiracy is made by the ghast alchemist Kanker, who resides beneath the Devil's Platter.[1]


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