Council of Ushers

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Council of Ushers
Type Government
Leader Lady Verrine Caiteil
Alignment Unknown
Headquarters Capital District, Magnimar
Scope Local (Southern Varisia)
Members Magnimar's social elite

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 17

One of Magnimar's two ruling bodies is the Council of Ushers. In theory, it is the most powerful organization in the city, but its influence has long since waned. The Council of Ushers is based within the Usher's Hall in the magnificent Capital District of Magnimar.[1][2]


The Council of Ushers began as a group of 15 of the wisest and most powerful residents of Magnimar. Since then, it has bloated to a group of 117 people that includes greedy merchants, power-seeking sycophants, and decadent nobles. Despite its generally corrupt nature, there are those among the Council who want to help their fellow citizens, but their voices are often drowned out by the petty squabbles of their fellows.[1][2]


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