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Magnimar city watch

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Magnimar City Watch
Type City watch
Leader Captain Acacia Uriana
Headquarters Arvensoar
Goals Defense of Magnimar
Scope Local: Magnimar
Structure Military

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 32

Part of the military of Magnimar, the Magnimar City Watch is tasked with patrolling the city's streets and protecting its walls.[1] Composed primarily of 400 trained archers, the city watch can rally upwards of 900 additional forces within an hour.[2]

The watch focuses its efforts on the city's major thoroughfares as well as neighborhoods with an extensive government presence.[3] The city watch also maintains patrols along the Yondabakari Road and the Lost Coast Road.[4]

The city watch puts on monthly mock gladiatorial battles to help raise funds for the government and build the citizenry's loyalty toward the watch.[1] Some guards have garnered small fan bases from their performances in these events.[5]

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