Runtash River

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The Runtash is a river that winds its way through south-eastern Varisia. It begins in the heights of the Mindspin Mountains and flows west, reaching the flat, low-lying lands of Varisia and passes near the dwarven city of Janderhoff.1 The much sought-after goods from Janderhoff are responsible for much of the trade that plies the Runtash River.2 From Janderhoff, the river makes its way farther west across the plains before merging with the larger Yondabakari River between that city and Abken.1


The Runtash River valley in the Mindspin Mountains contains a number of small dwarven settlements. Trade through the valley is protected by dour dwarven caravan guards informally known as the Runtash Roughnecks.3


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