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Viperwall is the name of the notorious keep built on the eastern shores of Ember Lake in central Varisia.[1] Its many conical towers and serpent carvings emit a sickening green light and poisonous fumes, so it is to no surprise that the place is greatly avoided by the local population.[2][3][4] Rumor has it that the castle was built sometime in the mid-fifth millennium AR by serpentfolk who traveled up from Sekamina through the Mobhad Leigh in order to create a surface outpost for their race. Others believe that the fortress has existed since the time of Thassilon.[5] Deep within the keep is a portal to the ruins of Sverenagati.[6]

Recent history

The parents of Zimandi Kaddren, head of the prestigious Kaddren family of Magnimar, recently disappeared while exploring Viperwall.[7]