Malgorian Mountains

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The Malgorian Mountains are a minor mountain range found in central Varisia, to the west of the Sanos Forest and the east of Ember Lake.1 Although it is one of the more "civilized" wilderness areas of the region, it is also one of the most geologically active. Numerous geysers, hot springs, and thermals dot the landscape, sending out steam and choking vapors that obscure vision and can make it difficult to breathe. Strangely, gnomes from the nearby Sanos find this landscape quite charming, and often come and visit the geysers to perform private rituals or prayer.23

Recent History

In 4707 AR, giants from the Storval Plateau launched an unsuccessful invasion of the Varisian lowlands, initially sending scouting parties through the Malgorian Mountains in order to avoid detection.4

Places of Interest