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Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 8

Sirathu has long been overlooked by its ruling city of Korvosa, holding the undesirable honor of being both the poorest and farthest removed of the city-state's holdings. It was a relatively late addition to Korvosa's realm, ceded from Kaer Maga in the Treaty of Sirathu in 4663 AR.1

The town is constantly reminded of their leaders' disregard for them by the White Prince's Fountain which sits in the town square. While the fountain was being constructed, nobles in Korvosa promised that it would be enchanted to provide a clean and endless supply of water for the town, so they would never be dependent on wells. The fall of the Chelaxian Empire diverted the Korvosans' attention, and the well was sadly never completed. In 4707 AR a local girl was found unconscious on the edge of the fountain, which was miraculously flowing for the first time. Since then, this young girl, blessed by Pharasma, has been a galvanizing force in a growing unrest among the citizens of Sirathu, prophesying that change was coming and that the town should break free of Korvosan control.23


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