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Nation Darklands
Region Nar-Voth
Size Large town
Population 2,984
Demographics 65% dero, 34% mongrelmen, 1% other slaves
Government Council
Alignment Chaotic evil
Ruler Ecliptic Triad

Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 25

Although most dero of the Darklands live in smaller communities, three larger settlements do exit among the twisted tunnels of Nar-Voth. The largest of these is Corgunbier, a series of maze-like tunnels located directly under the Taldan city of Cassomir. Countless secret passageways connect the two population centers, providing a simple way for the dero to collect subjects on whom to perform their torturous experiments. Corgunbier is home to almost two thousand dero and over a thousand of their mongrelman slaves, and is ruled by a trio of dero savants known as the Ecliptic Triad.[1]


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