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Region Black Desert, Orv
Size Small town
Population 700
Demographics 100 drow, 100 undead drow; 500 slaves, including deros, peches, zombies, and other creatures
Government Familial
Leader Zyra and Nyrinda Shraen

Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 47

Shraen is a vast city in the Vault known as the Black Desert, in Orv, deepest layer of the Darklands. Its architecture is similar to that of Ancient Osirion, consisting of pyramids and tall towers with spires. The very tallest of these towers reach up to the radioactive blightburn-caked vault ceiling, 3,000 feet above.[1][2]


The city is very old, although not as old as the Vault itself. It had been abandoned for a long time before it was discovered by the exiled undead drow of House Shraen. Not harmed by the blightburn radiation prevalent within the Vault, they decided to settle in the city, and named it after themselves.[1]


The city is home to or near the Black Desert's many natural hazards, including burning blightburn crystals in the vault ceiling above, pools of quickdeath gas that surround the city, and the Cradle of Purple Worms.[3]

The undead drow of House Shraen have tamed and domesticated the purple worms, enclosing them in stalls of stalagmites and walls of force and training them as mounts. Zyra and Nyrinda Shraen fetch these worms for other drow to ride above and below the Black Desert's surface.[2]

Relationships with nearby inhabitants

About 100 covetous skaveling-mounted urdefhans, led by War Champion Urserf, inhabit fortified camps near Shraen. The urdefhans want Shraen as a base, and their increasingly large assaults have killed a number of drow slaves.[2]

House Shraen also feuds with the ghouls of nearby Nemret Noktoria, and the drow destroy any ghouls or ghasts they encounter outside of Shraen.[2]

The revenant Weylin Shraen, once part of House Shraen, inhabits the Renegade Tower west of the city.[2]